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What do you need to know about the German tech return policy?

Depending on whether you shop in-store or online, different rules apply to exchanges and withdrawals. We tell you what to look out for, what you need to know, and when you will get your money back. Regardless, if you buy tech products or clothes you need to know how to proceed if you want to return the products.

Tech Return Policy

If you purchased Video Games from the store, the merchant does not have to take the goods back if you change your mind. In the store, you had the opportunity to check the goods. However, many stores voluntarily resume what has been purchased or change their merchandise.

If you have ordered goods from a shop like Saturn online, you can cancel the order without giving any reason within two weeks of receiving the goods. After the cancellation declaration, you must send the goods back to the dealer within 14 days. You also have a 14-day withdrawal right for classic door-to-door sales and parties.

In many stores, however, it is common for customers to be able to return goods even if they do not like them. Traders usually ask for a receipt or other proof, such as a bank statement on which the debit is noted as confirmation of purchase. If a store issues a voucher instead of cash, the customer must accept it.

Revocation of online orders

Customers who order by mail are better off if they don’t want to keep the goods. Order over the Internet, by phone, fax, SMS, postcard, or e-mail can be easily canceled and returned within 14 days. The period begins on the date of delivery, not on the date of the invoice. Customers must clearly explain the revocation, for example by email. Sending the goods back without comment does not matter as a revocation.

You have to pay the postage for returning the goods after a revocation depending on the online store. Many, especially large internet merchants, deal with return fees. But some stores use the legislator’s option to force the postal customer to return. This is allowed if the seller has informed the customer about the return costs on his site before making the purchase.

Examine stores for better guidance

The stores are just a small selection of online retailers that offer consoles like Playstation 5 and many other such products. Reviews from other customers show you if it’s worth taking a closer look at an online store. Here are some popular stores where you can buy tech products:

  • Media Markt – the first electronics store in Europe. It offers a wide range at low prices. They have 850 markets in Europe and are the market leader in the electronics industry.
  • Saturn – one of the most important electronics stores in Germany. Buying electronic devices and home appliances is a wise idea. The extensive range of stores includes an average of 45,000 items from smartphones to laptops, TVs, and stereo systems to washing machines and refrigerators;
  • Müller – known mainly for pharmacy items. But Müller also has books, household items, multimedia, and also game consoles.