SOTX Badminton Rackets – A Rival For Yonex?


SOTX badminton rackets are a relatively new title in the badminton world, however, they have been rising at a quick charge in China. Now they have entered the United kingdom and US market place, selling a vast vary of badminton tools these types of as rackets, shuttlecocks, baggage, garments and footwear. SOTX was fashioned in China in 2002, and now have a lot of stores all through lots of main chinese cities. SOTX has also expanded globally, into 20 other nations around the world, and are incredibly lively in advertising the activity of badminton. This can only be great for our activity, further levels of competition doesn’t hurt any person, and it could effectively aid to decrease expenses for individuals who purchase badminton rackets.

I guess it was inescapable that a big badminton racquet firm evolved in China, the only thriller is that i failed to take place faster. Yonex is the most effective company in the considerably east, promoting millions of rackets every single yr. Nevertheless, SOTX look to producing really an influence, and are currently taking in into the industry share. This quick expansion has now seen SOTX badminton appear to the west, in the British isles and in the US.

There are nine ranges in the SOTX line up, and the flagship rackets are the CP collection, which stands for Commax Ability, or circle power. These racquets are designed from higher modulus carbon, and also involve a new technological know-how special to SOTX, pressure pro nano. Power professional nano technological know-how is designed to limit vibration which can bring about harm and pressure to wrist, arm and shoulder muscles. The CP series is created to withstand bigger stringing tensions, as higher as 31lbs. This stress generates excessive vibration in ordinary badminton rackets, but with the force pro engineering, this is no for a longer time the case. The reward to badminton gamers could be big, and SOTX appears to be the only recent maker providing this safety for gamers. I guess the only way to inform if this technological innovation is effective is to try out it for oneself. String your racket at 31lbs rigidity and see if your arm aches immediately after a several several hours perform. The only other trouble is finding a string that can get this tension with no breaking.

The downside to this engineering is the rate. The prime of the assortment CP 7000 retails for all-around £109 in the United kingdom, and $300 in the US. This places SOTX in immediate competitiveness with the major Yonex offerings, who already have a reliable track record for top quality and innovation. The CP 7000 is also extremely rigid, which adds to the vibration, and as this sort of is only advised for expert players, who are able to get the most out of these forms of racquets.

At these prices i assume it will be tricky for SOTX to offer several rackets, but in time, as their status grows and far more on the internet vendors stock their items, the rates will tumble to a lot more acceptable costs, in line with most of the level of competition. The relaxation of the CP variety are the 6000, which is a bit a lot more flexible, the 5000 which is nonetheless much more flexible and lighter, all the way down to the CP 1000, and even this entry level racket will set you back again about £60.

Matters get even additional high-priced with the SOTX Woven array. The Woven 16 costs a whopping £129.99… gulp. It is created from large grade carbon fibre and glass fibre which make it additional secure and easier to regulate. It can also be strung to higher tensions, but it does not have the power professional technological innovation so you will most likely come to feel all the vibration at high tensions. Cue the arm and shoulder injuries. There are a further 9 rackets in this assortment, which are all pretty related, and the bottom of the selection is the Woven-2i, which however prices £49.99.

The SOTX Diamond Fighter range is made from specific memory alloy which decreases the ageing procedure of the racket. How it does this i do not know, but it does seem pretty similar to the Yonex ArcSaber vary.

There is also the super mild assortment, which, as the title indicates, provides quite light-weight rackets, down to just 75 grams, which is in direct opposition with Karakal badminton tools, only SOTX is far more high-priced. The choice is yours…

It seems that SOTX is the new child on the block, and the much more founded models could appear underneath menace. The principal stumbling block for SOTX badminton rackets is getting an genuine reputation for quality and longevity, and only time will tell if they are profitable.

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