The Ravens proposed a bold and exciting overtime rule change called ‘spot and choose’

The NFL hasn’t had a enormous rule shakeup in a when, but the Ravens program to alter that.

According to ProFootballTalk (citing multiple sources), the Ravens program to propose a pair of rule adjustments on the concept of “place and choose.” Let us crack down what that implies.

Place: One particular staff picks where the travel commences.

Select: The other staff chooses regardless of whether to participate in offense or protection.

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The two proposals are both of those dependent on this concept, but the distinction is on how additional time need to close. One particular proposal is a unexpected-dying complete, this means whichever staff scores initial would earn the game. The other proposal is a 7:30 long additional time, and whoever has the guide by the close of the time period wins the game.

ProFootballTalk suggests one of the sources associated “in the progress of the proposal” stated the concept went back to a 2003 short article on Football Outsiders, written by Michael David Smith. Although there are some adjustments concerning the two (Smith’s proposal is for kickoff relatively than the travel itself), the concept driving both of those is the similar.

This is what Smith wrote at the time:

So there is a level, most likely someplace concerning the 30-lawn line and the 50-lawn line, at which the edge in unexpected-dying additional time would essentially change from the obtaining staff to the kicking staff. Where is that level? It would not seriously matter. We could only allow the groups determine for them selves.

Element of the enjoyable in this proposal is that both of those groups have a say in what comes about. There’s approach in both of those conclusions, relatively than just supplying one staff the ball because a coin flip stated so.

An additional reason why enthusiasts seemingly get pleasure from this proposal is because it really is anything unique. We have seen numerous variants of additional time in football from faculty policies, to the XFL, to the AAF, to the FCF and a lot more. Just about every league has a different interpretation of how additional time need to be dealt with.

The Ravens’ rule alter will be proposed at the NFL house owners assembly, which can take spot virtually on March 30-31. In purchase for the rule to move, 24 staff house owners will have to approve it.