Spud Webb Dunk Or How to Dunk a Basketball


Do you keep in mind Spud Webb profitable the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1986? Standing at only 5’6″!, Spud beat the defending winner Dominique Wilkins with a wide range of terrible dunks – a one particular-handed 360, a two-handed double pump and a 180 reverse double-pump just to identify some.

So, it is crystal clear that you you should not want to be extremely tall to dunk. It’s all about the vertical soar – your vertical jump! And what matters most: you can prepare it! You can maximize your vertical leap. If you you should not concur at this level, you will not require to read through any further more.

Spud Webb experienced a 42-inch vertical – what is yours? To obtain out, stand around to a wall and stretch your arm upright around your head. Now, mark the prime place of your hand on the wall. Set the hand down and mark your fingers with some chalk or paint. Now, soar as superior as you can and touch the wall with your hand. The length amongst the two marks is you vertical.

Okay, by now, you know where by you’re at and wherever you want to be.

The upcoming step is your over-all fitness. Your legs have to be powerful adequate to take up a vertical system. You also have to get rid of the added pounds (if you have some).

For that, go jogging and use the bounce rope 3 situations a week (jogging: minimal 45 min. 3 moments/ 7 days leap rope: 100 jumps 3 periods a 7 days)

Jumping rope not only presents you explosiveness and calf energy but is also a wonderful way to construct stamina, and operate on your all round leg toughness.

Other, hugely helpful workouts are calf raises and squats, as they prepare the most vital muscle teams in the jumping process. Do these exercise routines every single now and then (the days you do not operate).

Vital take note: really don’t exaggerate (max. 1 set of 8 reps 2 situations/ week)! After 2 or 3 weeks your legs need to be geared up for a vertical plan.

You can now try routines like this one:

Stand straight up, and leap as superior as you can without the need of bending your knees (they will bend marginally). As shortly as you hit the ground, bounce again up once again. Repeat the movement a selection of moments. This exercising is really effective at strengthening your decrease leg muscle tissues.

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