Some psychological benefits of horse riding you should know.

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A lot has been said and written about the physical benefits of therapeutic riding. But do you know that horse riding therapy can also treat many psychological disorders as well?  Equestrian therapy program has been known to be a great workout to strengthen pelvic, abdominal, and back muscles.  

Since riding a horse involves the entire body part movement, it is a great cardio workout for the whole body. 

Before to start searching for equestrian therapy near me, let’s delve deep into some psychological benefits of Horseback Riding. 

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of therapeutic horse riding are not limited to physical well-being but also psychological wellness as well. Let’s see how:  

Stress release

Stress is one of the most common mental disorders affecting people from all walks of life. 

But stress has a far-reaching effect on our mind and body. Studies have shown that prolonged stress can damage our immune system and make us more vulnerable to physical and psychological ailments. 

So, how can equine therapy help someone suffering from stress? Horse riding is an excellent physical and psychological exercise as well as a stress reliever. When one rides a horse, the brain releases a chemical that works as a mood booster. 

Riding horse also allows one quiet time with nature and allows reflecting upon the past and move on. 

Equine therapy requires one to interact with the horse and ride on it. The entire process helps one to de-stress and build emotional strength. 

Quick thinking

Horses are quick to respond to their surroundings. This instinctive nature of horses makes them a perfect choice to teach people quick thinking and reflexes. Horse riding is beneficial in achieving alertness, critical thinking, and improving problem-solving skills. The best part about horse riding therapy is that it is so much fun and entertaining, while at the same time, it is a very tough task to learn how to ride. Given the massive size of the animal, a slight mistake can throw you off guard. Thus, it is perfect for teaching your mind how to be attentive and alert to what is happening around. 


Riding a horse requires the presence of mind and alertness. The only thing one should think when riding a horse is the horse.  Only when you focus all your concentration on the horse, you can ride it correctly. Losing concentration while riding a horse can be fatal to both you and your horse; thus, complete attention on the horse is a must. Unless one is suffering from some psychological issues, it is natural to concentrate on a task. Therefore, for those who have psychological disorder, horse riding is a perfect exercise. 

Human-animal Connection

Horses are sensitive to a whole bunch of feelings and emotions. They have the ability to sense our stress, fear, and anxiety. Moreover, horses are known to reflect the energies that surround them; thus, they offer a fun way to calm our mind and stay stress-free.