Paddleboard QR codes: digitizing sales and instruction manuals


According to research, over 21.7 million Americans participated in stand-up paddle boarding in 2014. Almost a decade later, it continues to grow as more people enjoy this fun activity that also acts as a full body-workout.

Newer paddleboards now come with QR codes to show how to use them, or provide a video safety manual.

Paddleboard companies use a QR code generator online for packaging, user manual guide, and also paddleboard rentals by putting custom QR codes.

There are many ways to guide users on how to use paddleboards. Users will have instant data access in just one scan and direct access to information in seconds. Paddle board companies can create a user’s PDF QR code as a detailed guide or create a YouTube video where they can learn product information and safety tips.

Create a Video guide for Standup Paddleboard

Putting a video QR code on your paddleboards can greatly improve brand awareness. You can create a video user guide and safety tips on YouTube like “Start paddleboarding,” “Safety Guide,” and many more.

You only need to add the video link to create a video QR code. Remember to put your logo and call-to-action, and customize your code according to your brand.

A research shows that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading a text, which is why more and more businesses are choosing video content over text. Many brands prefer to use video to boost sales and engagement.

Promote your paddleboard website with a QR Code

Create a URL QR code to promote your landing page where you can put registration portals, discounts, and paddleboard rentals, product options for 2 hours, a whole day, or a multi-day rental with prices, dates, and times, season passes, and descriptions online.

This makes it easy for new customers to find you and learn about the products and services you offer. This is not limited to paddleboards but also for accessories like leashes, pumps, fins, life jackets, and paddles. You can print your QR code at the bottom of the paddleboard or on your packaging.

Use a dynamic QR code so you won’t need to create another QR code for product updates. If you need to update or edit the information on your existing QR codes, you can just go ahead and update the data on the existing ones. No need to reprint and repost. You can also track how many scans, locations, and devices have scanned your campaigns with a dynamic QR code.

Digitized User Manual

If you want to digitize your user manual and professional instructions, you can make a PDF copy and turn it into a PDF QR code. Print your QR code on your product’s packaging or label. You can also add a call-to-action to get more scans.

PDF QR code is the most suitable way to share PDF documents with your audience through a scan and a tap. With a dynamic QR code, you can replace your PDF anytime with another file, even for printed QR codes. Make sure your PDF is mobile-friendly, and the orientation of your pages works well on a mobile phone. Make sure the text is big enough, and that scanners are able to get all the information they need in just one scan.

Are you ready to elevate your paddleboard sales using QR codes? Make sure to use a reliable QR code generator with logo software so you’re able to customize your codes, track data, and edit the information anytime you need to.

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