When creating an emblem alone, it is important to respect certain basic rules to ensure that you have an effective logo for your brand. If previously logo creation was reserved for graphic design agencies, it is now possible, thanks to online logo generators, to create your own logo.

What is the logo?

A logo is a part of a company’s image that is necessary to form differences in the market. When designing a sign, you need to reflect the position of the brand, show its individuality. For many brands, it is associated with a long history of development.

Logo Functions:

  • Produce an emotional effect for simple memorization;
  • Create visual contact between the organization and people;
  • Ensure recognition;
  • Attract attention with symbolic perception.

Choose your design carefully. Making a logo is easier than making it work. It should be memorable and raise awareness. With the help of a brand name, the buyer identifies the brand’s products. Companies develop a logo to win the love and trust of the audience.

How to create a logo online?

You can draw something in Photoshop (it is better, of course, to own vector graphics tools), it is quite possible that it is even very beautiful. But in order to develop logo design, this is not enough. It is necessary not only to be able to draw competently, but also to provide the customer in the correct form.

Even beginners can design. Consider the main ways: draw on your own in a graphics editor. This is a free option. However, it requires the ability to work in a graphics editor.

Create in a generator like Turbologo.

This is also a current version. Development is free. Approximately 10-50 $ rubles are requested by the designer for downloading the created design. The generator contains hundreds of ready-made icons and fonts. The user needs to think over the design in advance, and then only follow the instructions of the program.

Brand Name Design Features:

Before developing, study the company, its competitors. Since the logo has an impact on customers, it should always depend on the direction of the organization. A unique graphic sign is required, which is important to do correctly. You can be inspired by the designs of competitors, but in no case copy.

Start by making sketches on paper. Focus on quantity, not quality. Draw options until the ideas are completely exhausted. This will help you come up with the best solution.

Choose a convenient editor for working with graphics. You can create a logo online in various programs. Graphic editors provide the ability to transfer the sketch to digital form, which will allow you to change, apply it in the future.


A logo is a graphic element that can present a company in a favorable light, distinguish it from competitors, and help it achieve leadership positions. Remember that creating a unique logo is a process that requires time and thought. Note that if this thought work is done correctly, it will be easier to generate a logo quickly on a logo creation site like Adobe Express and many others.

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