Tips for Choosing the Right and Comfortable Shoes for Daily Wear

Having a solid activity, the comfort of shoes is certainly number one. Starting from light movements such as a trip to the office, to heavy ones like running. Apart from the model and appearance, you need to consider several things before deciding to buy shoes. 

We have tips on choosing the right and comfortable shoes for daily activities. Listen yes!

1. Know the right time to buy shoes

Before buying shoes, you should set your schedule to go to the store in the afternoon or evening. It is useful to know which shoes are comfortable and not narrow. Compared to the morning, the size of the feet will be slightly enlarged in the afternoon or evening. That’s why it’s the right time to buy shoes.

2. Determine the type of shoe according to your needs

Before buying shoes, you should first determine the type of shoes needed. Whether it’s sports shoes, for formal events, or casual style. Each type of shoe certainly has different characteristics and models. Like as you will buy 4F Sportswear, you need more flexible shoes, to avoid injury.

3. Always try on shoes in the store before buying

Even if you already know your shoe size number, make it a habit to try on shoes at the store before taking them home. In general, shoe numbers have different sizes according to the brand. Use the socks trick when trying on the store to find out which shoe size fits your feet best.

4. Pay attention to the quality of the material and the sole of the shoe

After knowing the right size, pay attention to the quality of the material and the sole of the shoe to be purchased. This will greatly affect the durability and durability of the shoes. For shoes that will be used daily, you should make sure the shoes have strong soles with materials that are not easily damaged. if you are a woman who like running , you should buy womens running shoes with materials that can make your heart happy and comfortable.

5. Most importantly, shoes should feel comfortable when used

Although the size is right, not all shoes are comfortable when used. You can determine the comfort level of the shoes by trying to walk a few steps or jog in them. Also, make sure that there is some space between the front of the toe and the toe of the shoe. When the toes are free to move in the shoe, the sign is that the shoe is more comfortable to wear. And don’t forget, mens shoes should be more sturdy than women’s shoes.

Those are some things that can be considered for you in buying shoes for your activities.