Smoked Salmon Appetizer Recipes are great to use for holidays or any other parties you may be hosting. They are easy to eat and can be used in cocktail parties. This is because they can be eaten as finger foods that allow people to mingle as they eat them.

There are various types of Smoked Salmon appetizer recipes. There is the Lox smoked salmon, smoked cheese pie, Smoked Puff Pastry, and Pickled smoked salmon. When thinking of using salmons in your starter dish, you have a variety to choose from. If you are a great lover of salmons, then you can interchange these recopies to avoid the monotony of serving one type of starter snack. You may not even notice that you are always having salmons for a first course meal.

The Lox Appetizer Recipes can be made into an elegant serving for a festive season. This can happen when you combine Lox with bagel and cream sauce. The ingredients include, dill weed, cream softened cheese, ground red pepper, thinly sliced salmon and Melba toast rounds.

To prepare this recipe, mix cream cheese, dill and red paper in a small bowl. Spread this mixture on each slice of it then roll up these slices in jelly roll type. Place on a plate and cover with a plastic wrap and chill for an hour. When chilled, cut the salmon roll into 3/4 inch pieces. Place the roll, cut side down on the Melba toast. decorate each piece with dill spring if so desired. Serve at room temperature. This kind of starter dish when well prepared will leave a lasting memory to the people you serve it to.

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