NCAC Virtual 5K Results – North Coast Athletic Conference

NCAC Virtual 5K Effects

Oct. four-ten, the North Coast Athletic Convention (NCAC) hosted its initial-at any time Virtual 5K in partnership with the NCAC Pupil Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). The socially distant “six Feet Apart, 5K Together” race was held in conjunction with Psychological Sickness Awareness 7 days.

Psychological illness in the long run impacts anyone, instantly or indirectly, through family members, mates or coworkers. During the 7 days, NCAC SAAC preferred to struggle the stigma encompassing psychological illness by educating and delivering assist for our campus communities, though also advertising actual physical well being.

The virtual 5K was meant for pupil-athletes now enrolled at NCAC colleges, alongside with NCAC athletic administrators, faculty athletic agent, coaches and staff members. Members in the virtual run/walk accomplished the 5K at any area and time during the 7 days.

All registered participants that submitted their time to [email protected] will be presented an NCAC Virtual 5K medal. Bragging legal rights were being earned by people that recorded the speediest time in their titled group: NCAC Administrator/Workers and NCAC Pupil-Athlete (by activity).

Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Jacob Budner Allegheny  22:05    Jordan Greynolds Allegheny 18:twenty five
 Patrick Webpage Allegheny twenty five:sixteen    Trey Williams Allegheny 19:05
 Andrew Stablewski Allegheny twenty five:forty three    Brock Brumfield Allegheny 20:31
 Jon Sharp Allegheny 27:01    Preston Turk Allegheny 20:34
 Garrett Senchur Allegheny 29:34    Josh Ratesic Allegheny 20:35
 Conor Deasy Allegheny 29:48    KC Johns Allegheny 20:42
 Anthony Maslo Allegheny 30:twenty five    Anthony Grant-Prepare dinner Allegheny 21:04
 Anthony Vazquez Allegheny 32:49    Lamar Todd Allegheny 21:32
 Ryan Dougherty Allegheny  33:14    Brian Roberts Allegheny 21:40
 Kyle Chandler Allegheny 42:27    Nijon Kirkman Allegheny 21:42


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Clare Kelley Kenyon 24:33    Logan Meyer Allegheny  sixteen:05
 Gabby Culotta Allegheny 26:21    Tim Weighart Allegheny sixteen:39
 Maddison Paladino Oberlin 28:28    Sean Heintzleman Allegheny sixteen:54
 Mari Casale Allegheny 29:00    Adam Prepare dinner Allegheny 17:ten
 Julianna Skowron Allegheny 33:45    Liam McCann Allegheny 17:13
 Rylee Donovan Allegheny 36:00    Owen Isham Allegheny 17:19
 (21 Athletes) Wooster 54:14    Peter Lantz Allegheny 17:20
         Colm Mulligan Allegheny 17:39
         Mattithia Burtt Allegheny 18:03
         Joseph McAuliffe Allegheny 18:eleven


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Mica Hanish Allegheny 18:54    Emma Anderson Allegheny 27:00
 Emma Wall Allegheny 19:17    Kelsey Anderson Allegheny 27:00
 Molly Tarvin Allegheny 19:38    Maya Francisco Allegheny 27:06
 Sarah Lucas Allegheny 19:fifty six    Sarah Goff DePauw 27:09
 Sarah Maue Allegheny 20:12    Ava Loskoch Allegheny 29:30
 Megan Aaron Allegheny 20:26    Kierstin Faw Allegheny 29:31 
 Maya Rachel Allegheny 20:30    Ella O’Connor Allegheny 29:54
 Maggie Malley Allegheny 20:33    Emily Cammeye Ohio Wesleyan 30:twenty five
 Eva Kerr Allegheny 20:39    Caroline Ford Wittenberg 30:27
 Hailey Stupay Allegheny 21:12    Hinterleiter/Baird Allegheny 31:00


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Luke Brake DePauw 27:02    Tyler Hilbert Wooster 22:sixteen
 (sixty six Athletes) Allegheny 45:00    David Roney Wooster twenty five:48


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
Riley Thorr Wooster 54:14    Cameron Lynch Allegheny 19:31
         Harrison Seabold Allegheny 20:37
         David Kraus Allegheny 20:fifty seven
         Garrett Danielson Allegheny 21:36
         Matthew Lazusky Allegheny 21:fifty
         Ian Eggert Allegheny 22:15
         Ryan Therkorn Allegheny 22:fifty five
         Graham Nash Allegheny 23:fifty eight
         Mack Nevin Allegheny 24:forty seven
         Eric Mirkovich Allegheny twenty five:02


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Kennedy Kyle Allegheny twenty five:34    Travis Luxbacher Allegheny 18:41
 Ashley Amato Allegheny twenty five:36    Luigino Croce Allegheny 18:53
 Mary Allen Allegheny 29:00    Kristian Snyder Allegheny 19:33
 Annie Rau Denison 30:04    Vinnie Rienzi Hiram 20:eleven
 Raina Semenick Allegheny 32:00    Joseph Pastorius Allegheny 20:33
 Delia Crotty Denison 35:fifty    Matthew Taliani Allegheny 20:37
 Fiona Barrett Allegheny 36:34    Owen Harkins Allegheny 20:49
 Abigail Smith Allegheny 40:00    Zachary Loli Allegheny 20:fifty
 Britta Treu Wooster 40:23    Jack Barron-Sluga Allegheny 21:ten
 Jillian Murray Wooster 40:23    Tighe Raymond Allegheny 21:twenty five


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Olivia Adkins Ohio Wesleyan 23:00    Dani Pechthalt Oberlin 27:20
 Ashley Smiley Ohio Wesleyan 23:02    Emily Tucci Oberlin 28:28
 Kelli Gaus Allegheny 23:08    Maddison Paladino Oberlin 28:28
 Emily Orr Allegheny 23:08    Delaney Harrison-Peters Allegheny 32:15
 Bryanna Urso Allegheny 23:08    Megan Niswonger Wittenberg 34:33
 Emma Corridor Ohio Wesleyan 23:37    Hayley Behr Allegheny 35:00
 Riley Sawyer Allegheny 24:07    Maddie Friday Kenyon 36:18
 Lilly Noel Allegheny 24:ten    Samantha Goldenson Kenyon one:13:00
 Kaitlynn Rees Allegheny 24:13    Nicole Archambeau Kenyon one:13:00
 Ellie Redman Ohio Wesleyan twenty five:00        


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Israel Zavaleta Kenyon 22:45    Emily Tekelenburg Allegheny 22:15
 Mason Fishell Kenyon twenty five:31    Ariana Clark Allegheny 26:forty seven
 Drew Albrecht Kenyon 26:ten    Megan Corletti Allegheny 28:15
 Pierre Jaeggi Allegheny 28:forty seven    Megan Munzek Allegheny 28:35
 Benjamin Crowl Allegheny 30:fifty    Rachel Tobler Allegheny 33:52
         Emily Spitz Allegheny 36:02
         Bridget Horton Denison one:12:36


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Alexander Anikeeff Wooster 20:52    Abby Kushner Benson Wooster 28:33
 Wonjoon Cho Allegheny 22:00    Katherine Marks Allegheny 28:40
 Shivam Dewan Wooster 22:27    Ella Swan Allegheny 28:40
 Kevin Si Wooster 22:30     Kendra Devereux Wooster 28:42
 Saeed Husain Wooster 22:49    Kimberly Nguyen Wooster 28:42
 David Salazar Allegheny  23:00    Laura Haley Wooster 28:42
 Nathan Chubb Wooster 23:45    Abby Aitken Wooster 30:49
 Nebyou Minassie Wooster 24:00    Sarah Duran Wooster 30:49
 Adam Shinomiya Allegheny 30:00    Gaby Deleon Allegheny 31:34
 Fabrizzio Reategui Allegheny 34:30    Katherine Stancil Allegheny 32:00


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Logan Meyer Allegheny sixteen:05    Emma Wall Allegheny 19:17
 Tim Weighart Allegheny sixteen:39    Molly Tarvin Allegheny 19:38
 Liam McCann Allegheny 17:13    Maggie Malley Allegheny 20:33
 Colm Mulligan Allegheny 17:39    Jesse Margraf Allegheny  21:forty four
 Mattithia Burtt Allegheny 18:03    Genna Feltmeyer Allegheny 21:fifty five
 Joseph McAuliffe Allegheny 18:eleven    Tomoka Mano Allegheny 22:24
 Kevin Prolonged Allegheny 18:12    Pearl Cooper Allegheny 22:53
 Mackenzie Polny Allegheny 18:32    Ashley Smiley Ohio Wesleyan 23:02
 Matthew Olszewski Wooster 20:24    Anna Kwasnica Allegheny 23:27
 William McMichael Wooster 20:40    Alexandra Glavach Allegheny 24:40


Identify Faculty Time   Identify Faculty Time
 Katie Billetdeaux Wooster 27:36    Dan Priest Kenyon 20:12
 Meghan Schwallie Ohio Wesleyan 28:24    Michael Taylor Ohio Wesleyan 21:35
 Caitlin Pfeiffer Allegheny 29:28    Nate Huston Wooster 22:fifty
 Clarissa Miller Allegheny 30:41    Anthony Accardi Allegheny 23:00
 Cheyanne Wilson Allegheny 31:00    Ben Mourer Allegheny 23:07
 Megan Dennis Allegheny 32:12    Drew Pasteur Wooster 24:04
 Concetta Panza Allegheny 33:00    Kori Stoffregen DePauw 24:twenty five
 Gracelyn Camarata Allegheny 33:ten    Josh Kaddy Allegheny 24:twenty five
 Kate Christie Allegheny 33:20    Jill McCartney Kenyon twenty five:00
 D’Andrea/Besch Allegheny 33:30    Lauren Cassano Allegheny twenty five:23