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Jaguars’ Urban Meyer apologizes to team, family after raunchy video surfaces

What transpires in Ohio, stays in Ohio? Not very.

Video and shots of Jaguars head coach City Meyer surfaced above the weekend, with the Jaguars head coach caught in a, shall we say, compromised posture with a young lady at a bar.

It was actually some thing that was awkward and very best reserved for a significant college homecoming dance. It can be not some thing you would actually see from an -4 NFL head coach.

On Monday, Meyer exposed he was the male in the movie, and stated he apologized to the team, including operator Shad Khan, the gamers and other folks for staying a distraction. His clarification, even though, was a little bit weird. Here’s all of Meyer’s assertion:

I just apologized to the team and the employees for staying a distraction. Just stupid. So I discussed everything that transpired and owned it. Just stupid. I should not have myself in that type of posture.

I stayed to see the grandkids, and we all went to meal that night at the cafe. There was a big group subsequent to our cafe and they wished me to come above and take photographs, and I did. They had been hoping to pull me out on the dance floor, screwing all-around and I should have left. …

 I apologized yet again for staying a distraction. A coach should not be a distraction. Of training course I did (apologize to my household). Which is not me. They had been upset.

That, regretably for Meyer, was not the conclusion of factors. Soon just after his apology strike the newswire, one more movie of Meyer surfaced This time the Jaguars coach could have been flagged for getting a little bit handsy with the very same lady at the bar.

(Editor’s note: A bit NSFW.)

Meyer’s timeline of gatherings are as follows: Thursday night, the Jaguars eliminate to the Bengals on a final-2nd kick. Friday night, he goes out to meal with grandkids, and stays out to occasion with folks he (seemingly) understands.

Meyer’s spouse, Shelley, tweeted in reaction to Meyer heading out on Friday night, as she was property babysitting while the coach put in time with friends in the bar.

Regardless of whether or not the occasion was a planned occasion or impromptu check out with fans is a lot more than a bit murky, presented the tweets and Meyer’s assertion on Monday.

Meyer stated that the group “tried to get him on the dance floor.” Plainly, he was seeking to tango.