Is Ice Hockey a dangerous sport?

Ice hockey is one of Canada’s most popular sports. Whether you play the game or watch it live at the rink, ice hockey is a sport loved by all.

Ice Hockey is a professional sport in Canada. If you would like to make ice hockey your career, you need to be aware of the dangers associated with playing the sport. Ice hockey injuries are ranked third in emergency room visits in Canada. A career in ice hockey requires good health insurance to cover the inevitable costs that come with the sport. If you are looking for health insurance, visit to find companies that come highly recommended. Search health insurance companies’ reviews to read about the things you should look for when choosing a health insurance company based on customer experience. Click on the links to read more about reviews and how they can help you in the decision-making process.

How can I prevent an injury in ice hockey?

There are certain measures you can put in place to prevent any unnecessary injury while on the ice.

#1: Use the right equipment

If you are playing ice hockey, you will be required to wear the correct uniform and protective padding. Hockey kits are made with enough padding and protection to lower your risk of significant injury. It must be adjustable to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. 

#2: Training is essential

Do warm-up exercises before you head out onto the ice to make sure that your muscles are warm and stretched. The most important body part for a hockey player is their back. Work on building your back muscles to prevent strain and pressure. You can skate around the rink to warm up as well as use the inside bar of the skating rink to do stretching exercises.

#3: Don’t overdo it

Not only can ice hockey cause physical injury, but it can also lead to frostbite. An ice rink is kept very cold to ensure that the ice stays frozen. Wearing layers under your uniform is a terrific way to keep warm and make sure you do not get frostbite. Keep your lips well moisturized to prevent cracking.

Most ice hockey players train for years to get to a professional level. Starting at an early age, they develop their skills and train often, sometimes daily. Coaches play a big part in the success of a hockey player and push the athlete to their limits to get them ready for the game. 

Ice hockey is based on skill and athletic ability. It requires muscle that can be built up at the gym or through a well-balanced diet specifically aimed at high-energy sports and activities. Protein and carbohydrates are excellent to include in your diet to build muscle and maintain energy levels. Carbohydrates are slow-release and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. 


Keeping yourself protected by wearing the correct kit is essential when playing the physically demanding sport of ice hockey. Training can help in building muscle and prevent severe injury or strain to your back. If you need extra training, a personal trainer can provide you with a customized workout for your body and activity level.