Iowa State and Kansas are talking to the Big Ten

Meeting realignment strike university soccer like a freight teach on Wednesday. The greatest news is Texas and Oklahoma wanting at becoming a member of the SEC.

Processing those two not in the Massive twelve is adequate for everybody’s mind. The Purple River educational institutions have been the staple of the meeting since it started in 1996. Them leaving is heading to go away ripples for decades to arrive.

Some of the greatest losers of this whole debacle are the remaining eight teams in the Massive twelve. Texas and Oklahoma may have their upcoming destinations, but Iowa Condition, the 3 Texas educational institutions, the Kansas educational institutions, Oklahoma Condition and West Virginia are staying still left out to dry.

At the very least two educational institutions are staying proactive. In accordance to Mike Vernon, Iowa Condition and Kansas are attempting to get on phone calls with the Massive Ten. The Jayhawks are main the cost with the Cyclones tagging together.

For Kansas, the greatest attraction is basketball. A meeting this sort of as the Massive Ten values the sport much more than many others, potentially just a tier under soccer. Welcoming an elite program this sort of as Monthly bill Self’s would be an effortless final decision for Massive Ten presidents/athletic directors.

Iowa Condition is in a placement the place its in-state rival previously resides in the Massive Ten. Will Iowa be like Texas A&M, the place it does not want to share the state? Or will the CyHawk rivalry be embraced in just the meeting?

The two have been actively playing just about every other just about every 12 months since 1977 following a forty three-12 months hiatus. Neither has been in the same meeting during that interval.

Compared with Texas/Oklahoma in the SEC, practically nothing is shut to staying full. If the Massive twelve as we know it ends in 2022, Kansas and Iowa Condition will have at the very least a 12 months to be voted into the Massive Ten.