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How-to Guide on Buying the Right Shoe Size

Shoe size is everything. You should always ensure that your shoes fit you perfectly.

Right Shoe Size

No one deserves bad-fitting shoes. Buying one will be a total waste of money and can even cause unwanted accidents and health concerns. Never choose a shoe that is one or two sizes smaller or bigger than your actual size.

This comprehensive how-to guide will help you in easily getting your correct shoe size. We’ve provided all possible options for you: the quick way and the defined careful way. Read on and learn!

Quick Hacks

If you’re not sure about your shoe size, you can actually do quick hacks. You can do the following:

1. Shoes at Hand

Check the shoes that you already own. Fit them and choose which among them fits you perfectly well. Check the tag of the one that fits you perfectly. Surprise— that’s your shoe size!

2. Do It Yourself

You can measure your shoe size on your own! We’d give you a complete guide on how to do it. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step guide and you’d get your shoe size right away!

3. Visit a Local Store

If you have time, you can visit local shoe stores. Try fitting shoes there and take note of the size of the ones that fit you perfectly well. You can also visit dedicated sports stores that have experts do the measuring for you.

Proper Way of Measuring Your Feet

You can measure your feet on your own. You need not feel intimidated and confused because it’s very easy. You just need the following materials:

  • Two blank pieces of paper that are bigger than your foot.
  • Socks
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or measuring tape

Step 1: Choose a spot in your room that is flat and hard.

Step 2: Place the blank piece of paper on your chosen spot.

Step 3: Wear your socks. Chose the ones that you likely wear with shoes.

Right Shoe Size

Step 4: With sock on, put your left foot on the blank piece of paper.

Step 5: With your pencil, mark the spot where your heel ends.

Step 6: Look for your longest toe and mark the spot that corresponds to its tip.

Step 7: Measure the widest part of your foot by marking its sides.

Step 8: Do the same with your right foot.

Step 9: Using a ruler or tape measure, measure the distance between the two marks that correspond to the tips of your heel and your toe in centimeters.

Step 10: The measure in centimeter is your shoe size.

Points to Remember

1. Your left foot and right foot can differ in size. If this happens, you should choose the one with the larger size.

2. If you end up with a measurement that is between two sizes, opt for the larger size.

3. There are different conversion charts available online. Different brands also tend to use different sizing references. If you want an exact shoe size, you should consider the sizes and conversion charts offered by your preferred brand of shoes.

More Tips When Measuring Your Shoe Size:

1. It’s better when you can have someone help you when measuring your shoe size. The person can exactly and accurately mark the tips of your heels and toes with ease.

2. You should also measure in inches so that it’s easier for you to adjust when using different conversion charts.

3. For better measurement, you can also use masking tape to help you in keeping your blank piece of paper still.

4. If you have no one to help you and you can find no flat and hard surface in your room, you can use your wall. You can use masking tape to stick the blank piece of paper. Just make sure that you stick the paper to an area that you can easily reach and write marks into.

5. When measuring on the floor, the best results will be had if your heel is against the wall.

Sport-specific Tips

There are different factors to consider when buying shoes for different sports. Do consider and take note of the following:

  • Football Boots: Football boots should fit snug in the heel. On the front of your cleat, it’s best if you have a half-inch space from your longest toe.
  • Basketball Shoes: Regardless of style, get a size that will not have the upper stretch over the midsole. Uppers should always be secured so do take note of the closure style of your shoes.
  • Softball Cleats and Baseball Cleats: Aim for a snug fit. Have a quarter-inch space between your longest toe and the front cleat.
  • Soccer Cleats: They should have a tighter fit than your regular shoe. The fit should not allow your foot to slide.


Correct sizing will be easier if you can ask an expert to do the measuring for you. You need not feel bad though if you have no access to one because it is very easy and you can do it for yourself. Just be sure to follow our step-by-step guide and apply all given tips.

If you’re getting a new pair of shoes for a particular sport, take note of our given tips to ensure optimum comfort and performance.

Take your time in getting your correct shoe size. Never forget that optimum comfort and ease are your top priorities.