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How to get an Authentic Mexico Jersey for the 2022 World Cup


Mexico has been named one of the host countries for the 2022 World Cup, an event that will take place in December 2022 and continue into January 2023. This means you’ll have plenty of time to get your hands.

On an authentic Mexico jersey so you can cheer them on in their quest to win the trophy for the first time since 1986. If you want to get one as soon as possible, here’s how you can do it.

Why are authentic jerseys so expensive?

Please don’t fall into buying a jersey simply because it’s authentic. If you want one, make sure it’s worth your money. Please look at Team USA’s jersey and then compare it with other countries. The Stars and Stripes are superior in quality and design but should you have to pay four times more than someone from Germany.

 Not To make sure you don’t overpay, start by getting familiar with what authentic jerseys look like. You can find photos online or take a trip to your local pro team’s merchandise store; there are many options, so do some research before visiting your local flea market.

Where can I buy an authentic jersey for the next world cup?

While many of us have been watching and enjoying World Cup games since we were kids, it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out on one of the most significant cultural events. With a worldwide audience of 3.2 billion, there is no shortage of ways to watch or be involved in a game. 

 While they play, Even if you don’t live in America and can’t attend any games, which is disappointing. Travel far or wait until 2022 to wear a jersey from your favorite team. You can easily order authentic jerseys online and ship them right to your door. 

What country should I support at this world cup?

Thirty-two countries are competing in Russia 2018, but obviously, you can only really support one. The good news is that FIFA has rules about who can be a supporter of a particular team. To claim your team, simply go to their website and check out how you can become a Fan ID holder.

 From there, get your hands on an authentic jersey so that when you’re watching matches in Moscow or anywhere else, for that matter, you won’t look like just another tourist.


Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that pre-gaming can be a fun and effective way to ensure your trip and night out go off without a hitch. If not, think of it as a life hack you’ll use forever. So go ahead and try it. Friends with people who want to do whatever activity you want first before going out. 

And then it feels like everybody wins. Remember not to let your fear of missing out on all of the fun things keep you from doing any of them. You don’t have to drink or party at every single event but if there are some events or activities you want to do, consider making them your priority.