How Odell Beckham may be used for Rams vs. 49ers

Odell Beckham could be returning punts for the Rams on Monday night time, in accordance to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Even though Beckham returned just a single punt in more than two years with the Browns, the Rams could use him as their “safe” punt returner deep in their personal territory, for each Schefter, a purpose they’ve utilized Cooper Kupp in at moments this calendar year. The Rams could also set him in other packages.

Beckham will currently have a whole lot on his plate right absent right after Robert Woods experienced a torn ACL on Friday. The Rams made the shift to convey him in ahead of they knew about Woods, and the damage thrusts Beckham into the No. two receiver purpose.

Nonetheless, in accordance to Schefter, the team has pondered Beckham as a punt returner because signing him.

Beckham consistently returned punts with the Giants previously in his vocation, averaging thirteen yards for each return in 2015, nevertheless he never scored a touchdown.

Odell Beckham Rams vs. 49ers
Odell Beckham during Rams observe on Nov. thirteen, 2021.

The embattled receiver signed with the Rams previously this week right after an prolonged separation with the Browns. Beckham’s camp appeared to blame Baker Mayfield for his absence of generation with the Browns. That led to him getting waived and a courtship with the Rams.

According to Schefter, the Packers, Chiefs, Saints and Seahawks were being all in on Beckham, but the Rams won the sweepstakes mainly because they could match his standards and offer Beckham the potential to reside in Los Angeles.