Former Hockey India President Says He Was Forced To Demit Office Because Of His Religion

Previous Hockey India President Mohd. Mushtaq Ahmad, who resigned just after his election was declared violative of the national athletics code by the athletics ministry, on Tuesday said the “belated final decision smells (of) undesirable intention” as other violators have not been penalised. He also expressed suspicion that the motion versus him was influenced by him “remaining from minority community”. All these expenses ended up designed in a extensively-circulated letter to Sports Secretary Ravi Mittal.

When contacted, a ministry official, on situations of anonymity, said, “The ministry acted as for every principles. We have already designed that really distinct in our before interaction to Hockey India. There is very little additional to it, very little additional to say.”

Ahmad, in his letter, said that “Presidents with title as Sudhanshu Mittal, Rajeev Mehta and Anandeshwar Pandey have been supplied totally free run to go on inspite of violation of athletics code in Kho Kho, Fencing and handball respectively.”

“I would like to location on file my sensation that the MoYAS’s belated final decision smells undesirable intention versus me as President of Hockey India remaining from minority community,” he wrote.

“This can make me come to feel that having a title as Mohd. Mushtaq Ahmad appears to be a trouble.”

Ahmad was questioned to demit place of work for violating the tenure recommendations of the athletics code, which does not allow three consecutive phrases for an place of work-bearer.

Ahmad served as treasurer of Hockey India from 2010-fourteen and then turned secretary general in 2014 for a four-year term. He was elected as President of Hi for another four-year term in 2018.

The violation was brought to the discover of Hockey India again in 2019 but Hi contended that Ahmad’s run as treasurer was prior to the human body received ministry recognition and cannot be counted whilst choosing his tenure.

The ministry turned down the rivalry before this thirty day period and Ahmad had to resign.

The ministry said that it granted recognition to Hockey India in February 2014 on the foundation of its elections in August 2010 and hence, it will consider Ahmad’s run as treasurer as his 1st term.

Ahmad also connected ministry’s interaction to Hi in which it is mentioned that the elections done in October 2018 would be considered the federation’s second elections.

That letter was prepared by less than secretary Arun Kumar Singh to Hi CEO Elena Norman.

“The exit in these a way is distressing when I have not dedicated any oversight. Why did MoYAS perform this dirty activity with me?” he wrote.

“I would like to have an solution from MoYAS on the issue when Hockey India submitted response to ministry letter dated thirteen.02.2019 on 23.02.2019, why the ministry has taken fifteen months to get a final decision on the subject?” he questioned.

Ahmad also contended in his letter that Mehta’s election as the President of Fencing Association of India is “unlawful as just after remaining President of Kho-Kho Federation of India, he cannot hold put up of President in another Federation.


He also wrote that election of Fencing Association of India was violative of the Sports Code as “there ended up three votes for each and every point out member”.

The ministry had upheld the election owing to unanimous voting.

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