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Five reasons why Auburn basketball should be ranked No. 1

Auburn basketball is elite.

At minimum, it is halfway by means of the year. The Tigers have depth, expertise, electricity, lover support, you title it- every little thing an elite basketball school has. Auburn is at the best of the mountain right now.

Nonetheless, there looks to be a dispute concerning who ought to be rated No. 1 in the AP poll tomorrow. No. 2 Gonzaga (thirteen-2) has their shot at the best of the rankings as very well, just after No. 1 Baylor dropped back-to-back online games, No. 3 UCLA dropped to Oregon, and No. five USC dropped to… very well, Oregon as very well. The Tigers and the Zags are in a race to generate the favor of the AP voters.

Right here are 5 motives why Auburn basketball ought to be rated at the best of tomorrow’s polls.

Auburn has a far better strength of schedule than Gonzaga

AP Photo/Bruce Newman

Auburn’s SOS is 20th. Gonzaga’s is 182nd. No disputing who has played more durable groups.

Auburn has far better wins

AP Photo/Butch Dill

Right here are all of Gonzaga’s online games, broken down by quadrants according to the Net rankings.

Quad 1: four-2

Quad 2: 1-

Quad 3: –

Quad four: 9-

The face that Gonzaga has previously played nine quadrant 4 groups is surprising. That’s a weak schedule. Now appear at Auburn’s online games:

Quad 1: four-1

Quad 2: four-

Quad 3: five-

Quad four: 3-

There is no debating that Auburn has played far more high-quality opponents.

Auburn has the greatest report in basketball

John Reed-Usa Now Athletics

16-1 is a report I in no way dreamed of Auburn obtaining.

Auburn defeated the typical opponent concerning on their own and Gonzaga

Marvin Gentry-Usa Now Athletics

Gonzaga dropped to Alabama at a neutral site (the recreation was played in Seattle, Washington, which was a 4 hour generate for Gonzaga.), and Auburn defeated the Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa.

It’s historical past

John Reed-Usa Now Athletics

On best of all of the other factors- even if Auburn loses (which I believe this team will conclude up getting rid of a couple far more online games), this one particular week with Auburn as the No. 1 team in The us ought to not hurt anybody. Allow the team take pleasure in its achievements.