Custom Outdoor Signs – The Basic Types To Follow

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So you have been looking for outdoor signs for advertising your business and its services for a very long time. You don’t know which points to choose because you are bombarded with so many options lately. However, it is always important to focus on the best custom outdoor signs that the market has to offer. The more you research, the better you will know about these options available lately. So, let’s focus on the types of customized outdoor signs, which can surely win over your hearts and invite more potential customers towards your business.

Pylon signs:

If you want a sign that can be seen from far away distances, then pylon sign is the best choice for you. These signs are freestanding in nature, which are crafted right into the ground. They will mostly have visible support structure for maintaining their secured hold.

  • Most of the pylon signs are measured at 12 feet high.
  • Some of them are every higher and available in variety of widths to choose from.
  • These are mostly located away from building, near street and towards the entrance,
  • They are the first signs that customers will lay their eyes upon to direct them to location.
  • You can either opt for the not illuminated or illuminated pylon signs, and can choose either double or single sided with message on one or both sides.

Monument signs:

These signs are more or less similar to the pylon signs as mentioned already but not considered to be that tall. The monument signs will be usually around 5 feet and not taller than that. The main aim is to display message right at eye level.

  • These are mainly compact signs, which will blend well with the landscape. 
  • It will work well in those areas with zoning restrictions in terms of sign heights.
  • For those areas, monument signs will be the classic choice and safest option to go with.


If you want to look for outdoor advertisement sign but in a creative way then awnings will be the perfect choice for you to address. Customized awning is always a great addition to any storefront. It will not just provide the shelter for customers but will provide a welcoming and classic look to the dimension.

  • Moreover, awnings can offer the ultimate protection from sun for the items inside the store and will keep the premises a lot cooler than usual.
  • Awning will have the power to print the name and logo of the company on the top. This is another way to promote your brand for sure.

Get on with the best manufacturing houses:

The types, mentioned above, are some of the best outdoor ad signs you can give out a try. The main goal is to help your business reach the pinnacle of success and it is possible once you have chosen the best advertisement route for the same. Make sure to check out all the possible options before finalizing on the choices that prove to be the best for you.