Chapman sets new high for SCIAC All-Academic selections

ORANGE, Calif. – Nearly 50 % of Chapman University student-athletes ended up regarded when the SCIAC launched its annual All-Tutorial checklist nowadays. Chapman established a new application superior with 250 SCIAC All-Tutorial picks, far surpassing the preceding superior of 221.

The SCIAC All-Tutorial Workforce acknowledges student-athletes who have attained a quality position normal (GPA) of three.40 or better and must have concluded one particular complete calendar 12 months at their present-day institution. SCIAC student-athletes exhibit the NCAA Division III philosophy enabling a complete collegiate working experience, further than the arena of opposition and the classroom. The Panthers rated fourth in the SCIAC with 250 student-athletes on the checklist.

General, Chapman’ five hundred-in addition student-athletes combined for a three.37 section GPA with 20 of 21 groups submitting above a three.2 team GPA and each and every team above a team GPA.

Chapman’s All-Tutorial picks characterize each and every undergraduate college on Chapman’s campus with 96 of the 250 finding out in the Argyros School of Organization and Economics. Among the All-Tutorial picks, thirteen Panthers have a best 4. GPA.

Chapman’s SCIAC All-Tutorial student-athletes

Baseball Briggs,Mitchell
Baseball Burkland,Scott
Baseball Farmer,Ryan
Baseball Fleming,Cole
Baseball Foard,Cooper
Baseball Gregersen,Kevin
Baseball Holt,Dylan
Baseball Jimenez,Joe
Baseball Mieliwocki,Davis
Baseball Sellman,Oli
Baseball Shimabuku,Brad
Baseball Thompson,Wyatt
Baseball Wright,Jordan
Baseball Zeisler,Henry
Baseball Ziv,Ben
Football Aarhus,David
Football Auldridge,Julian
Football Baur,Alex
Football Bunnel,Jonathan
Football Callen,Nick
Football Cartwright,Jack
Football Cox,Zach
Football Craig,Scott
Football Edwards,Isaac
Football Goeken,Hunter
Football Gross,Harrison
Football Heger,Duncan
Football Holbrook,Isaac
Football Hosoda,Hunter
Football Jones,Brad
Football Keefe,Dillon
Football Kistner,James
Football Koff,Morgan
Football Krall,John
Football Mudie,William
Football Reyes,Marcos
Football Roberts,Daniel
Football Shorts,Zach
Football Sperry,Kevin
Football Treadway,Carter
Football Vill,Trevor
Football Wilbanks,Jacob
Football Yang,Tyler
Men’s Basketball Chan,Brandon
Men’s Basketball Corrigan,Brennan
Men’s Basketball Doyle,Thomas
Men’s Basketball Farias,Erik
Men’s Basketball Jeannot,Isaiah
Men’s Basketball Kiener,Kobe
Men’s Basketball Moore,Hayden
Men’s Basketball Morris,Derrick
Men’s Basketball White,Chandler
Men’s Cross Region Butler,Drake
Men’s Cross Region Char,Micah
Men’s Cross Region Flores,Dalton
Men’s Cross Region Hart,Anthony
Men’s Cross Region Klump,Emerson
Men’s Cross Region Lee,Josh
Men’s Cross Region Millen,Jacob
Men’s Cross Region Sakamaki,Charles
Men’s Cross Region Shanafelt,Chase
Men’s Golfing Hval,Brody
Men’s Golfing Lu,Bradley
Men’s Golfing Rogers,Sian
Men’s Soccer Cohn,Cameron
Men’s Soccer Feldman,Cody
Men’s Soccer Howe,Tobi
Men’s Soccer Matteoni,Zach
Men’s Soccer McLane,Connor 
Men’s Soccer Onart,Ryan
Men’s Soccer Reed,Jason
Men’s Soccer Yun,Josh
Men’s Swimming & Diving Garza,Michael
Men’s Swimming & Diving Jung,Michael
Men’s Swimming & Diving Willman,Jason
Men’s Tennis Arrizza,Quinten
Men’s Tennis Bennett,Luke
Men’s Tennis Blinder,Josh
Men’s Tennis Kamemoto,Len
Men’s Tennis Rooney,Adrien
Men’s Tennis Wilkins,Caleb
Men’s Observe and Industry Anderson,David
Men’s Observe and Industry Butler,Drake
Men’s Observe and Industry Buto,Nicholas
Men’s Observe and Industry Char,Micah
Men’s Observe and Industry Elder,Tyler
Men’s Observe and Industry Epstein,Cody
Men’s Observe and Industry Flores,Dalton
Men’s Observe and Industry Grey,Armond
Men’s Observe and Industry Hart,Anthony 
Men’s Observe and Industry Janda,Ben
Men’s Observe and Industry Lee,Josh
Men’s Observe and Industry McCarthy,Max
Men’s Observe and Industry Millen,Jacob
Men’s Observe and Industry Ohara,Derek
Men’s Observe and Industry Sakamaki,Charles
Men’s Observe and Industry Shanafelt,Chase
Men’s Observe and Industry Wong,Nathan
Men’s H2o Polo Anguiano,Andres
Men’s H2o Polo Bernardi,Jared
Men’s H2o Polo Gregov,Jack
Men’s H2o Polo Hertel,Wesley
Men’s H2o Polo Walter,Ethan
Men’s H2o Polo Wilson,Bradley
Men’s H2o Polo Wilson,Garrett
Softball Ahinger,Alyssa
Softball Briski,Annika
Softball Coogan,Erin
Softball Foisy,Michaela
Softball Hartmann,Sarah
Softball Hayes,Emily
Softball Kim,Jessica
Softball Lauwers,Rani
Softball Lo Verde,Christine
Softball McCarty,Kelly
Softball Muniz,Julia
Softball Okumura,Tracie
Softball Tajii,Alli
Women’s Basketball Dobbs,Kelsey
Women’s Basketball Dunn,Marissa
Women’s Basketball Hextrum,Taylor
Women’s Basketball Inana,Sammie
Women’s Basketball Kwong,Jamie
Women’s Basketball Lue,Cristin
Women’s Basketball McPherson,Brittany
Women’s Basketball Shilon,Orel
Women’s Cross Region Armstrong,Olivia
Women’s Cross Region Campbell,Megan
Women’s Cross Region Conway,Ella
Women’s Cross Region Diaz,Jordan
Women’s Cross Region Eglinton,Emma
Women’s Cross Region Hansen,Katherine
Women’s Cross Region James,Audrey
Women’s Cross Region Lee,Gabriella
Women’s Cross Region Mirro,Maddie
Women’s Cross Region Narbay,Elif
Women’s Cross Region Sallas,Shirley
Women’s Cross Region Yost,Riane
Women’s Golfing Bantle,Haylie
Women’s Golfing Hill,Maddie
Women’s Golfing Settle,Lauren
Women’s Lacrosse Bitis,Sophia
Women’s Lacrosse Carroll,Jessica
Women’s Lacrosse Chadwick,Elizabeth
Women’s Lacrosse Donnelly,Leah
Women’s Lacrosse Goldsberry,Cami
Women’s Lacrosse Hartfield,Marie
Women’s Lacrosse Hextrum,Taylor
Women’s Lacrosse Kroeckel,Ally
Women’s Lacrosse Licitra,Sophia
Women’s Lacrosse Lopez,Michaela
Women’s Lacrosse Mayer,Elise
Women’s Lacrosse Murphy,Riley
Women’s Lacrosse Ricketts,Jessica
Women’s Lacrosse Rogers,Jillian
Women’s Lacrosse Singleton,Alexis
Women’s Lacrosse Spaeth,Sarah
Women’s Lacrosse Wendt,Jamie
Women’s Soccer Annen,Lily
Women’s Soccer Aronson,Elly
Women’s Soccer Berch,Dani
Women’s Soccer Bigcas,Madie
Women’s Soccer Bland,Kelsey
Women’s Soccer Combi,Cate
Women’s Soccer Coyle,Shannon
Women’s Soccer Farber,Emmie
Women’s Soccer Fowler,Mia
Women’s Soccer Fox,Stephanie
Women’s Soccer Holloway,Religion
Women’s Soccer Kelly,Erin
Women’s Soccer Lowe,Olivia
Women’s Soccer McHorney,Emily
Women’s Soccer Montemor,Anna
Women’s Soccer Moore,Lily
Women’s Soccer Pidgeon,Riley
Women’s Soccer Roux,Jessi
Women’s Soccer Scranton,Taylor
Women’s Soccer Uyeda,Elle Ishi
Women’s Swimming & Diving Brennan,Annie
Women’s Swimming & Diving Brownfield,Riley
Women’s Swimming & Diving Cannon,Mina
Women’s Swimming & Diving Chai,Charlene
Women’s Swimming & Diving Cunningham,Roisin
Women’s Swimming & Diving Davis,Molly
Women’s Swimming & Diving Gerhold,Teresa
Women’s Swimming & Diving Guarino,Olivia
Women’s Swimming & Diving Gurich,Paige Elizabeth
Women’s Swimming & Diving Haase,Ally
Women’s Swimming & Diving Heiss,Hanna
Women’s Swimming & Diving Henderson,Katelyn
Women’s Swimming & Diving Kelsey,Sophia
Women’s Swimming & Diving Laukaitis,Carina
Women’s Swimming & Diving Logan,Gillian
Women’s Swimming & Diving Loney,Ashleigh
Women’s Swimming & Diving McShane,Ella
Women’s Swimming & Diving Nishimura,Kiara
Women’s Swimming & Diving Spyrou,Joanna
Women’s Swimming & Diving Tamusaitis,Avery
Women’s Swimming & Diving Warhurst,Mallory
Women’s Tennis Allyn,Aliya
Women’s Tennis Driscoll,Clare
Women’s Tennis Kaplan,Anna
Women’s Tennis Ross,Madison
Women’s Tennis Trofimova,Vasilisa
Women’s Observe and Industry Armstrong,Olivia
Women’s Observe and Industry Berch,Dani
Women’s Observe and Industry Brunings,Zoe
Women’s Observe and Industry Campbell,Megan
Women’s Observe and Industry Diaz,Jordan Marie
Women’s Observe and Industry Eglinton,Emma Ilene
Women’s Observe and Industry Girardi,Maija
Women’s Observe and Industry Hansen,Katherine
Women’s Observe and Industry Jacobs,Madison
Women’s Observe and Industry James,Audrey
Women’s Observe and Industry Kodjababian,Ella
Women’s Observe and Industry Lee,Gabriella
Women’s Observe and Industry Lowe,Olivia
Women’s Observe and Industry Martinez,Josanni
Women’s Observe and Industry Mirkhani,Sarah
Women’s Observe and Industry Mirro,Maddie
Women’s Observe and Industry Narbay,Elif
Women’s Observe and Industry Rodricks,Nina
Women’s Observe and Industry Sallas,Shirley
Women’s Observe and Industry Siguenza,Gabi
Women’s Observe and Industry Tajii,Tish
Women’s Observe and Industry Trent,Carly
Women’s Observe and Industry Yee,Ryly
Women’s Volleyball Albano,Kelcie
Women’s Volleyball Bobal,Sophie
Women’s Volleyball Gagnon,Leighton
Women’s Volleyball Helgeson,Cat
Women’s Volleyball Kluemper,Kayla
Women’s Volleyball Lui,Mavis
Women’s Volleyball Lumsden,Jessi
Women’s Volleyball Munoz,Nayelli
Women’s Volleyball Silverman,Eve
Women’s Volleyball Srivastava,Sophie
Women’s Volleyball Wiles,Erika
Women’s Volleyball Wittkow,Natalie
Women’s H2o Polo Beloian,Kylie
Women’s H2o Polo Bridges,Julia
Women’s H2o Polo Chiang,Camille
Women’s H2o Polo Cunningham,Roisin
Women’s H2o Polo Farinaro,Chelsea
Women’s H2o Polo Gamboa,Danny
Women’s H2o Polo Gurich,Paige
Women’s H2o Polo Hattori,Audrey
Women’s H2o Polo Prolonged,Allison
Women’s H2o Polo Ma,Charlene
Women’s H2o Polo O’Callaghan,Maggie