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Best Channels to Watch the Super Bowl in 2022


The Super Bowl is one of the most avidly watched sporting events on television in the US, with 100 million-plus spectators tuning in to the event annually. Since the NFL playoffs are ongoing at the moment, it is all leading up to the grand finale of the Super Bowl. 

We can expect that the 2022 edition of this event will be no different, especially with certain constraints in place due to the pandemic that continues today. So of course, you would rely on the television for this game, and you won’t be wrong to do so. But don’t worry. We have got you covered! 

When and Where Is the Super Bowl 2022?

The Super Bowl LVI is scheduled to be held on February 13th, 2022, which would be its 56th successful time being held. 

The location for the event is going to be the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, much to the excitement of the Chargers and the Rams. Since the NFL chose a 17-week game schedule for this time, it has pushed the Super Bowl by one week – right about in the middle of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, this spring. 

The 2022 Super Bowl Half-Time Show: What to Expect?

This year the show selection has been quite interesting, with Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Dr. Dre leading the halftime entertainment loop. It’s quite literally keeping everyone at their toes, as they fantasize about what the five may have planned. The hopes for the entertainers are running high, especially after the electrifying performance from The Weeknd in the 2021 Super Bowl held in Tampa, Florida. 

What Channels to Watch the Super Bowl 2022?

Three networks — CBS, Fox, and NBC — are in a civil arrangement with the National Football League (NFL) to alternate the broadcasts between their channels in a kind of a sequence that varies at a three-year rotation. Although things went a little haywire in 2021 when CBS rather than NBC got to broadcast the Super Bowl, things are a little different now. 

In 2022, NBC has earned the exclusive rights to broadcast the Super Bowl LVI. NBC, of course, is available with most cable networks for easy access. If you do not have cable TV and wish to watch the Super Bowl nonetheless – you may want to consider getting a Spectrum Silver Package. NFL Network is included in the Silver bundle. The best part about this package is that you not only get your favorite channels to watch live, but you can also stream popular on-demand content as you like. 

Psstt… Spectrum will also buy out your current TV contract if you are interested in switching. It truly is one of a kind offer. If you are having second thoughts about your TV service, now would be a good time as any to switch your provider and get someone reliable. 

After all, nobody wants to mess up their Super Bowl live-watching experience. 

Super Bowl 2022: The Odds Are in Whose Favor?

Although the number of teams vying to reach the Super Bowl is always overwhelming, some of the crowd favorites always stand out. As of December 2021, the Kansas City Chiefs lead the favorites lists, followed closely by the Packers, Buffalo Bills and the Rams. Nobody should count out the Cowboys either!

Let’s see who finally takes the Super Bowl’s trophy home this year. 

The 2021 Super Bowl Winners

For a quick recap of the past year – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to pull a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021. The Kansas Chiefs were the stronger team and bigger favorites than the Buccaneers but flailed as the final score came up to a staggering 31-9 against them. 

It is needless to mention that while the games are a site for a little healthy competition, the Buccaneers have immense pressure on them to keep up the spirit and the gameplay. The Chiefs are a much-favored team and to pull out another win on them would require strategy and confidence. 

We hope the Buccaneers are looking up to the challenge!

And that brings us to a close on our Super Bowl info-packed article for 2022. The spirits are running high at this point in time and people are already planning for off weekends to enjoy the game. It certainly sounds like a nice drive away from home with your friends and family for a relaxing weekend in LA.

That being said, some things are still pretty undecided. Considering the rise in COVID cases around the globe, perhaps you just want to play it safe and stay in. And that is totally fine. You can just plan a date with your TV instead, with a nice cheesy pizza to keep you company. 

Upgrade your TV package now, to get the most out of your Super Bowl experience! It definitely is not too late for that!

Happy Super Bowl! 

May the odds be ever in your favor!