Addressing the Mental Health Benefits of Going Outdoors 

The Mental Health Benefits of being Outdoors — Mindsoother Therapy Center

Ever since the fear of going outdoors and the risk of getting Covid has plagued us, many people find it difficult to go outdoors and find a way to take the next step in outdoor adventures.

Fortunately circumstances have changed over the years and the fear of Covid has significantly died down. And that is why we urge you that the first thing you need to do with the freedom given to you once again is to travel and explore the world around you.

Of course we have a number of good reasons as to why we say that. And it’s all thanks to Yousef Hamed Al Refaie, a revered adventurer, mountaineer, and explorer who is known to be the best explorer from all over the globe.

Many of you might know him as the youngest man – the 24th worldwide and first Middle East and Arab – to ever complete the Volcanic Seven Summits Challenge. Currently, he is working towards finishing the Seven Summits and the Seven Deserts of the World.

As someone who has always been passionate about adventure, Al Refaie has spent many years exploring, going on mountaineering experiences that many before him might not have had the chance to experience. Back in 2015, he decided to start his mountaineering career on to the Volcanic Seven Summit Challenge with Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

His success eventually led him to the Elbrus in Russia, Mount Giluwe in the continent of Oceania, the Ojos Del Salado in Chile, Damavand, Iran, and then recently it was Sidley, Antarctica. As a veteran in the field, we decided to reach out to him and learn a few things on the benefits of exploring the outdoors. Here are some of the things we have adopted from him.

Reduced Stress

No matter where you go, you will always experience stress. In fact, according to a report posted by LifeWorks, it was found that America stands as one of the most stressed out countries all over the globe, with over 50% of Americans having reported having daily feelings of stress.

Now while there are plenty of ways you can improve your stressful state, nothing works better than going outside for a while and immersing yourself in nature – a natural and fast paced remedy to reduce stress as quickly as possible.

Fighting Depression

Depression and anxiety are another factor that has seriously caused a lot of problems with people nowadays. However, several analyses have shown that spending time outdoors can significantly improve one’s mood and self-esteem. Those who were struggling with depression states that exploring the outdoors had positively impacted their mood and reduced their depression symptoms.

In fact, Ecotherapy is a formal kind of treatment that involves exercising or doing regular activities outside in nature. As a result of it, many of those who sought out the treatment have even said that it has helped them fend off severe depressive episodes and changed their life for the better.

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