AAC claims it’s a ‘power conference’ after Big 12 expands

The American Athletic Conference is placing an fascinating spin on the departures of three of its customers.

The team claimed that it is really a “energy meeting” in college or university athletics on Friday right after the Large 12 officially invited Cincinnati, Houston and UCF. The three universities are now customers of the AAC and the meeting states that the Large 12’s motivation to have them in the league is evidence that the AAC is a single of the most strong conferences in the state.

Today’s news confirms what we have reported all along about our standing as a energy meeting. The irony that three of our universities are becoming requested to get the location of the two marquee universities which are leaving the Large 12 is not dropped on us. Our meeting was qualified for exceeding anticipations in a method that was not developed to accommodate our achievements.

All three of these establishments have savored unparalleled achievements as customers of The American, as have our remaining universities. Lots of of our universities have attained aggressive achievements comparable to the departing universities. We have each individual expectation that the three departing universities will abide by the meeting bylaws to make sure an amicable and orderly transition. We desire them ongoing achievements in the potential.

Our remaining universities are unwavering in their dedication to competing and succeeding at the highest amount and we will not make it possible for exterior variables to place a ceiling on our potential. We continue being unified and resolute and will take into account all of our selections as we shift The American into our 2nd ten years and beyond.

The Large 12 officially invited the three AAC universities and BYU to the meeting on Friday to reinforce its standing. Oklahoma and Texas are leaving the Large 12 for the SEC in 2025 and the Large 12 wanted to incorporate much more teams to continue to be practical.

AAC has prolonged claimed it is really a energy meeting

The AAC’s perceived feeling of self-relevance is absolutely nothing new. Commissioner Mike Aresco has prolonged tried using to assert that the Ability 5 conferences — the ACC, Large 10, Large 12, Pac-12 and SEC — are basically the Ability Six and the AAC is integrated in the team. 

That assert is specious considering that the Ability 5 conferences have autonomy privileges that the other 5 conferences at the top rated amount of college or university football do not have in addition to the appreciably much more dollars they produce. And it is really even much more specious with Friday’s argument.

If the AAC had been so strong and powerful, the three universities wouldn’t have wanted to leave. They did because they can make much more dollars in the Large 12. Merely place, dollars is a indicator of toughness in college or university athletics. 

A few universities also do not make an full meeting strong. Just inquire the Large 12. If Oklahoma and Texas had been so important to the Large 12’s standing, why didn’t the full meeting collapse upon itself right after they reported they had been leaving?

Confident, the Large 12 is not as marketable without having OU and UT, but the meeting is still firmly entrenched in the Ability 5 team in conditions of dollars and get to with the addition of the 4 new universities. And the AAC is severely, severely weakened.

Aresco and the relaxation of the universities in the AAC know that. That is why he is continuing to place up the “energy meeting facade.” Possibly Aresco is considering like George in “Seinfeld.” If you say a little something sufficient it will inevitably become genuine.