The Sport Effect


It is a well-known old phrase that every adult has traits of little kids and the craze of Finnish people regarding hobby horses appropriately fits this saying. Hobbyhorsing is a riding sport that involves riding with hobby horses. This game does not utilize actual horses, it utilizes simulated horse fixtures (produced from fabric or wood) installed on a straight rod. Suomiarvostelut.fi elaborated the offerings of varied toy retailers in the children and infants section. 

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Hobby horse competition

The competition comprises diverse stunts based on the level and strength of involved members who are generally young and teenage girls. Though the sport is getting popularity and fame among people of all generations. Nevertheless, experts of hobbyhorse declare tournament champions keeping in aspect the hobbyhorse players’ pace progress, racing behavior, an exhibition of the hobbyhorse, enthusiasm, and drive along with the urge and desire exhibited in the competition.

Numerous boundaries of real riding sports such as dressage are incorporated in hobby horse tournaments. Though the only distinguishing element is the absence of actual horses in the competition. To win the tournament, the player must display astounding running and jumping skills and pass the obstacles and tests.

Hobby horse levels

The dressage entails tri-levels which comprises advance, intermediate, and beginner levels for the performer to complete. The competition involves unaccompanied and accompanied (pairs) while the judgment is made based on the ability of players to overcome hurdles on varied levels starting from beginner till the advanced level. Hobby horsing categories in tournaments are ordinarily characterized by age at multiple jump ends.

  • Initial level

It is completed by six to eight inclinations of players which desist at the loop, half turn turns, reverse loop, halts. canter and commence from the walk.

  • Transitional level

The transition level gets finished when the hobbyhorse participant completes eight to ten movements which incorporate changes from the initial level accompanied with lengthening movements, half pass, and changes in flying.

  • Advance level

The advanced level necessitates the pro movements and comprises ten to twelve movements by the participant and the player reaches this level after clearing the initial and transitional level and exercise zigzags, half pass, passages, tempi alterations, and canter pirouette.

Practices for the game 

A hobby horse is not a regulated game so there are no determined and well-structured rules to execute and play the game. However, the general considerations include a prepared hobby horse with little sticks, comfortable running shoes, suitable attire, and a helmet for safety purposes.


The fad for the hobby horse in Finland is spreading among people of all age groups and every year people participate in tournaments and competitions in which the game is executed in three different levels.