5 Factors That Go Into Making A Luxury Holiday

You probably are aware of the usual factors that go into a luxury holiday: roomy comfortable beds, huge rooms that are the size of a whole house, luxurious fittings and fixtures – the list goes on and on. However, there is a lot more to this term than first meets the eye. In order to help you achieve the best value from your luxury holiday, the following are five of the most important things for you to consider before you make your final decision.

Before we get started it is very important to understand that the idea of a luxury holiday is used interchangeably with luxury hotels. While luxury hotels only deal with accommodation, a complete holiday includes all of the fine details as well: tour guides, flights, transfers, and experiences – in addition to the hotel.

Personalised Service

Check the reviews to find out how staff members are trained to treat their guests. At high-end establishments, staff should learn quickly who you are as well as what you like by asking informal questions and by offering tailored recommendations, such as at The Grand Palace Hurghada.

For example, if you love Gin and Tonics and are staying at a hotel, staff should quickly learn and remember it so that there are not any hassles or confusion when you order another drink.

First-class personalised service also includes making alternative recommendations when a client wants something that may not offer the best experience to them. For example, there are some travellers that might ask to visit Sri Lanka’s Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, but other safaris might be suggested by travel consultants at Elephant Transit Camp or in national parks as it provides island visitors an experience that is much better.

Attention To Detail

A first-rate luxury holiday includes a lot of common sense and great attention to detail. All activities need to run smoothly and if any unplanned issues arise, the problems should be rectified by your holiday providers as quickly as they can. This is only possible when using ABTA bonded and experienced tour operators. It is the level of training provided to staff by luxury hotels that provides the extra value.

Thoughtful And Beautiful Design

The finest luxury hotels put plenty of effort into making sure they get the design of their buildings correct. The rooms offered by the Four Seasons Resorts follow a format that is expertly drawn so that you have a certain quality of experience no matter which of their hotels you stay at. The Aman group also ensures that all of their hotels fit in well with their surroundings, whether it is beautiful countryside or in the city. A genuine luxury hotel will, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, allow you to fully absorb your accommodation through enhancing the local area and surroundings.


Setting frequently characterizes a luxury hotel. It might have an important and intriguing story such as Sri Lanka’s Amangalla or the Governor’s Residence, or Yangon’s the Savoy. On the other hand, it may simply have a stunning rural location, like Cambodia’s Song Saa Private Island or Vietnam’s Amanoi. After all, property often comes down to its location.

A Defined Travel Philosophy

Having a defined provider’s travel philosophy underpins a genuinely great luxury holiday. That might sound a lot like marketing waffle, however, if you examine it a bit deeper you will find that it offers a guiding principle for the way that the travel experience is delivered by a holiday company. Soneva luxury resorts attempt to be as ecologically friendly as they can and there is no plastic on their Maldives island accommodation. Rising sea levels threaten the country, and so the stand that the organisation has taken is a great example of how luxury and responsible travel can do hand in hand very well.

Belmond hotel group provides accommodation with character and history. Throughout your stay, you are surrounded by stories in the building and guests experience much more than simply a place to stay.

From obtaining information o the safe, best street food stalls to try out local delicacies to tips on the top places to stay, its all about getting you, as the traveller, completely underneath a destination’s surface in a way that best suits your interests.